Tasty Madness

Oh Sweet Butterfinger!

Posted on: February 29, 2008


By Clayton Southworth 

Butterfinger has been around since 1923!  Any candy bar still in demand since the 1920’s is only popular because it is quality.  I remember growing up and sneaking to the TV when my parents weren’t looking to catch Bart Simpson with his Butterfinger and skateboard.  This type of Butterfinger activity has gone on for generations.  The truth is, no matter how you think of candy, Butterfinger truly is one of the lasting and truly great candies of all time.

You can do anything with a Butterfinger… well, just about anything.  Eating it plain is great.  If you are the creative chef, you can crunch it up and mix it with almost any dessert (all kind of cakes, cookies, ice cream, etc.)  It can serve as toppings, it can also jut be decoration.Butterfinger Mini's

The crunchy peanut butter chocolate covered combination of a Butterfinger gently melts in your mouth and engulfs your endorphins with happiness! Scientists may tell you this is not the best diet choice, but you will not regret it, for there should be a song written about Butterfinger…

Oh sweet Butterfinger, the love of my life!  You make me smile during stormy weather and warm me up with delight, and melt with the baked Butterfinger cookies because you are the true passion of my life.  You make my heart melt you sweet tasty Butterfinger!  Even in the heat of summer your blessed ice cream and cheesecake brings me back down, because you are my flavor savior!  Keep rockin the free world my precious sweet Butterfinger!


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