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Cheetos Puffs VS Jax Puffs, Let the hair pulling begin!

Posted on: March 5, 2008

Cheetos Puffs      VS    Jax Puffs

By Jordan Thompson
There can only be one true puff in the world of cheese puffs, but which one is truly better?  Since we started this blog it seems the thought of food and snacks has taken a hold of my thinking.  Realizing the possibilities are truly endless the thoughts of what brands are better and what snacks I should get my stoner friends hooked on, never lets up! So I have decided to do a comparison between Cheetos Puffs to Jax Puffs.  Now Cheetos Puffs don’t melt in your mouth, but they do seem to be cheesier!  The texture of the Cheetos Puffs seem to be harder and thus can scratch the top of your mouth if you eat to many.  Cheetos are also bigger and are all around the same size and shape!  Jax Puffs melt in your mouth and have a soft crunchy texture that keep you wanting more.  They are different shapes so you have to watch yourself with stuffing a bunch in your mouth.  Over all it’s your decision, but for the money and taste I would go with Jax Puffs, because they simply taste better!


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Jax is the max all day everyday!

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