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Fruit Has Never Tasted So Good

Posted on: March 5, 2008

Fruit Dip 

By Heather Blanchette



Today began like any other day: 6 hours of sleep, up early to work on homework, hunch-backing to class with twenty pounds of papers, notebooks and snacks slung over my shoulder, but then in class I made a party foul. Now I am not a very graceful person, but I do try pretty hard to watch myself. However, when you combine lack of sleep, with too much caffeine, with nerves from giving a presentation, it equates to nothing but bad news.

During our luxuriously long and relaxing five minute break given to us as a treat to split up our three hours of sitting in the most uncomfortable desks in a room with poor lighting and curious carpet stains, I pulled out my super cute Little Mermaid container filled with grapes – because obviously my lack of sleep skews my perception of what I am actually going to want as a snack later in the day.

While my tummy grumbled, and the teacher stood watching the minutes tick by on his watch, as to not waste a second more of class time, I ever so carefully knocked the entire, very full container of grapes off my desk.

I watched as the grapes rolled across the room in slow motion, and not only died a little bit inside from the humiliation, but vowed never to bring a healthy snack to school again. Nobody would have laughed if a bunch of Milkyway or Snickers bars rolled across the room, no, then I would have been a hero.

Either way, this story has a happy ending. Although at the time I vowed never to eat another grape again, I remembered how good my Mommy’s Fruit Dip tastes. Even the worst tasting fruit can be saved with Fruit Dip.

All you need is a couple tablespoons of whipped cream cheese (any flavor you want!) and an equal amount of Fluff. Mix it together and ta-da, you have magically revamped your fruit from a sweet-tooth’s nightmare, to their dessert of choice!

And for the record, it is OK, encouraged even, to eat more dip than fruit!


1 Response to "Fruit Has Never Tasted So Good"

Hi, in my country we eat fruit with salt, sugar, chili mixed together. I want to try it like the picture shown. I bet it’s dilicious and different from the fruit I’ve eaten before.

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