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I Don’t Need A Boyfriend, I’ve Already Got Ben And Jerry.

Posted on: March 8, 2008

Ben and Jerry's

By Heather Blanchette

We’ve been dating for the last six months, we spend every night together, me, Ben and Jerry. There is no other brand of ice cream that I would rather spend so much quality time with. We watch TV together, do homework together, and watch movies in bed together; there is nothing Ben, Jerry and I don’t do.  I’ve grown so comfortable with these two guys that I no longer care if they see me without my makeup on. No matter what mood I’m in they’re always there to comfort me. And we never fight because they always change to match whatever mood I’m in. They’re the perfect guys.

Lately I’ve been having an affair with the Cherry Garcia Frozen Yogurt, and believe me, Half Baked knows something’s up! I make sure to invite him over every once in a while for a late-night study break, but really he can’t expect me to be faithful when there are so many other flavors out there!

 Ben and Jerry's

Aside from Cherry Garcia and Half Baked, Peanut Butter Cup is another love affair of mine. The only problem I find is that I can’t stop myself at a few bites, I can’t stop myself at the serving size, I can’t stop myself at half a pint, I can’t stop myself until I’m staring into an empty carton wondering how my ice cream evaporated into oblivion, and why my thighs are getting thicker.

Before now, I never spent more than an hour a day with my boyfriends, but after visiting the Ben and Jerry’s site I think I might take our relationship to the next level. The site offers recipes for baked goods using their ice cream.  

I’m pretty sure I’ve found my soul mates, as long as the ring’s big enough!

1 Response to "I Don’t Need A Boyfriend, I’ve Already Got Ben And Jerry."

i love ben and jerry!!!

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