Tasty Madness

The Choice Is Easy

Posted on: March 8, 2008


By Heather Blanchette 
If you had asked me a few days ago which fast food restaurant is my favorite, I would have said Chick-fil-A, hands down. However, as of yesterday, I’m feeling a little guilty about my answer.

I’m sure most of you, aside from Jordan who has apparently been living underground his whole life, have eaten at a Chick-fil-A. You know how good their waffle fries taste, you wonder about the necessity of the strategically placed two, not three, pickles on the chicken sandwich and you ogle at the huge, delicious shakes (yet often choose not to order them because you feel guilty holding up the line for twenty minutes while the underpaid seven year old behind the counter makes it). 


Yesterday, as I was entertaining myself on the interactive Chick-fil-A website, I came across the biography of the founder himself, Mr. S. Truett Cathy. “Aww, how cute,” I thought as I saw his Glamour Shots picture pop up on the screen next to his biography, which if printed, bound and sold in stores, would kill a small rainforest. His biography goes into a bit too much detail for me about his hobbies, which is where my problem with Chick-fil-A comes in. Here is a direct quote from the site:

 “Mr. Cathy is a devoutly religious man who built his life and business based on hard work, humanity and biblical principles. All Chick-fil-A Restaurants are closed on Sunday, without exception. When not managing his company, Mr. Cathy donates his time to community efforts and teaches Sunday School class to 13-year-old boys, as he has done for nearly 50 years.”


Now, although it is a little irritating that Mr. Cathy insists on spoiling my Sunday’s at the mall by closing his chain down once a week, my problem arises when Mr. Cathy, the biographer and the website designer, all have no problem with the immense detail chosen to be used on Mr. Cathy’s love of 13-year-old boys. That is a bit too Micheal Jackson for me.


While I cannot shake the vision of Mr. Cathy’s creepiness out of my head, the thought of giving up those free refills makes me cry a little too much to forgo my favorite fast food choice. So until allegations against Mr. Cathy break in the news, I’m going to trust him, and his tantalizing waffle fries.


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