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Hi, I’d like a Small Popcorn and a Medium Sprite, “Sure! That will be $22.50!”

Posted on: March 10, 2008

Movie Theater Popcorn

By Jordan Thompson
So today when one of our top writer Heather Blanchette said to me you should write about Movie Candy, I said to myself thats a great idea, I’m glad I thought of it! People are always complaining how going to the movies is to expensive, and how they remember when movie pictures were only 10 cents for an all day marathon! Well I hate to be the one to inform the older generation, but it is 2008 and actors and actresses are making 20 million a picture, so sorry Grandma!

AMC Theaters

I am 100% cool with how the movie industry exploits and makes us spend no less then $30 whenever we go to the movies! I mean it’s genius when you can get Skittles at a store for $1, but you’ll spend $5 at a theater, because it’s all about the experience, Right! So why do people just not care? Are they just taking their minds off the real world and losing themselves to instances and circumstances that will never happen? It doesn’t dumb the population down as a whole or anything! The fact of the matter is there is huge money in giving people a sense of false reality.

Movie theaters only make 30% off ticket sales, which means if your paying $10 for a movie ticket $7 of that is going right to the studio. That’s the real reason candy is $5 and a Water is $4.50, thats how they make their money! It still doesn’t have to be that way, but most of the studios have holdings in the major theater chains like AMC Theaters, which has just acquired Loews Theaters in which Sony held stock in! Now there are no direct ties, but one hand washes the other if you catch my drift.

No matter what we do we will always have a longing to be something we are not, and as long as that idea burns in our heads we will have to pay for over priced snacks as we watch actors and actresses portraying these amazing lives we all wish we led. This will never change, but we have to realize we are the ones that make these famous people we idolize richer and bigger headed. So don’t blame them for not caring, you put them there!


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Like fruit Loops and movie candy. I realize it’s a conspiracy, but if you follow your nose it always knows the flavor of fruit. So, I say there’s a little bit of Toucan Sam in all of us. I get cravings for fruitloops at the movies. Why don’t they sell them there? Sounds very suspicious to me. I am going to do an ivestigation into this injustice! Secondly, I went to Horton Hears a Who the other day. Movies and candy and popcorn, all tolled ran me $50.00 . Not a bad racket if you can get it. I am going to invent a device that will allow you to smuggle in your favorite eddible consumable. More on that later.

Peace out!

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