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The History Of “PEZ”

Posted on: March 10, 2008


By Jordan Thompson
The word PEZ comes from the German word for peppermint, which is Phefferminz. If you take the first, middle and last letter of the word you get PEZ. PEZ was Invented in 1927 in Vienna, Austria by a candy man named Edward Haas. Developed as an adult breath mint and an alternative for smoking, Edward Haas created the Haas Food Manufacturing Corporation based out of Vienna, Austria. Haas company was the first to carry the small candy that was shaped like a brick and carried in small tins at the time.PEZ Charaters

In 1947 the first PEZ dispensers were created and looked a lot like a cigarette lighters for which the candy had been developed for. Then in 1948 they came out with a more sanitary and easy to use PEZ dispenser that is now recognized by millions of people as a PEZ Dispenser. In 1952 Edward Haas came to the United States and did extensive research to be able to market to children! They started putting character heads on top of the PEZ Dispensers and found that children latched onto them in droves.

The invent of Fruit Flavored PEZ in 1952 along with the Character Heads and the first fruit flavors cherry, lemon, orange and strawberry Haas foods turned over sales, management and production to PEZ Candy, Inc. In1972 PEZ opened there first U.S. plant in orange Connecticut and doubled the size of it in 1990.

Today PEZ is made and distributed in many countries and has a dominant following for collecting. It is the one of the only brands that has touched every generation of kids since it’s inception in 1927.


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i love pez ever sease a child i also coleet

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