Tasty Madness

Breakfast Of Champions

Posted on: March 11, 2008

Ice Cream 

By Heather Blanchette
While eating my blackened toast this morning, I realized I hated breakfast. This realization made my stomach feel like I had eaten an entire quarry, and no that’s not just because my toast was hard as a rock.

I’m sick of breakfast; I’m sick of toast and butter, I’m sick of bagels and cream cheese, and I’m sick of sugared cereals all the way to healthy cereals that tastes like sandpaper. I’m sick of all of it…

 Except for…The Breakfast Of Champions!

You haven’t heard of the Breakfast Of Champions? Well let me lay it out for you. First you need to find a large plate, none of this “if the plate is small, I won’t eat as much” junk. I’m talking a plate with the circumference of a small city.

Once you have your plate, you need two Eggos, three if you’re feeling up to the challenge. Now, lightly toast your Eggos and then stack them on top of each other on your plate.

Here comes the fun part. Pull every kind of ice cream you have out of your freezer and throw a heaping scoop of each onto your Eggos. Then dowse your Eggo sundae in chocolate sauce, and if you’re feeling it, some sprinkles.

Believe me, not only will you fall in love with breakfast all over again, but you wont need any soda, coffee or energy drinks for the entire day!


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