Tasty Madness

Cotton Candy

Posted on: March 12, 2008

Cotton Candy

By Javon Mahabir
When was the last time you can remember going to the circus and begging your mom and dad for that sweet and sticky fluffy ball of sugar and mixed coloring. In America, we call it cotton candy, and in England it’s called candy floss or fairy floss. Whatever name you call it, it’s sure to make that inner child in all of us happy and your dentist!  Cotton candy is basically spun sugar. The process is simple and easy and it only requires two main ingredients “sugar” and “food coloring”. First the sugar is poured in a bowl attached to a machine which will heat up the sugar until it melts. Then it’s spun out into tiny holes where it solidifies in the air and is caught in a large metal bowl. The operator of the machine twirls it onto a cone, or their hands around the rim of the large catching bowl, gathering the candy into portions. Because cotton candy consists of mostly air, servings are large, so a typical cotton candy cone will be a bit bigger than an adult’s head. There are different colors of cotton candy to choose from. Though any color can be made, the most popular color of cotton candy is usually pink. At first glance cotton candy may seem soft as “cotton” yet instead to some has a feeling of wool to the touch. Although it’s sweet and sticky, it dissolves quickly in your mouth leaving a sweet after taste that can last a life time.

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