Tasty Madness


Posted on: March 13, 2008


 By Heather Blanchette 

OMG – please tell me you all remember Frito Lays, Funyuns! Those glorious tasting “onion rings” that are nothing more than packing peanuts molded into rings with flavor injected into them. What I would do for a bag of Funyuns right now.

In lue of the disgusting food served in my Middle School cafeteria, I opted for a much healthier lunch each day – Funyuns, HI-C and a Twix. The sad part is, I never ever got sick of Funyuns, five days a week, all year long.

According to Wikipedia, Funyuns are, “deep-fried rings of enriched corn meal-based material that are coated with pungent, pale yellowish, onion-flavored powder.” Well, damn, my mouth is watering now…pungent, pale yellow goodness. I’m glad I never read the package!


Funyuns now come in three flavors: Original, Wasabi and Flamin’ Hot. Even while Funyuns are a little sketchy, I would do anything for a bag of them right now!

3 Responses to "FUNYUNS!"

Thats a huge bag of funyuns you got there… 7 servings in that bag… and one serving is 13 pieces. Dang.

They actually have wasabi funyuns now too….there even better!

Funyun lovers REPRESENT!

They’re the very embodiment of “junk food”, and I only dare to eat them every two years or so, but I love ’em all the same

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