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Cup Cakes

By Heather Blanchette
As a second semester Senior in college, I am told daily by my family and classmates to chill-out; but who would have guessed my baked goods needed the same reminder! A girls-night-in always requires snacks, and in an attempt to heed the warnings about spending too much time on schoolwork I decided to set aside designated baking time yesterday morning before my friends came over.

I have an addiction to cupcakes. My favorite is yellow cake with pink, strawberry icing, topped with an overwhelming amount of sprinkles! But yesterday, making the same cupcakes I make all the time seemed boring, and instead I decided to do some experimenting—and who better to test out baking experiments than your friends (who will hopefully lie and tell you whatever you made rocks, even if it actually tastes like rocks).

I’m known for my cheesecake cupcakes, with graham cracker crust and strawberries and chocolate sauce on top, but this time I was going for something a little different. I had a craving for smores like it was nobody’s business. And what better way to bring back childhood campfire memories than through a cupcake? Read the rest of this entry »