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Dunkin Donuts 

By Heather Blanchette 


One of my best friends has a clever rating system for the Dunkin Donuts of the Northeast. He, a true Masshole, has traveled far and wide to find the best Dunkin Donuts in the state, and with his fantastic memory can remember which ones were great, which one’s really missed the mark and all those in between.

The one we hit up today was a 7 out of 10, which is a very adequate rating for him. Not only was the service relatively fast, although they did have to “look in the back” before they could tell me if they had a Coolata machine (skeevy), but they also got his order right. He’s convinced most Dunkies are out to kill him. Read the rest of this entry »

Ice Cream 

By Heather Blanchette
While eating my blackened toast this morning, I realized I hated breakfast. This realization made my stomach feel like I had eaten an entire quarry, and no that’s not just because my toast was hard as a rock.

I’m sick of breakfast; I’m sick of toast and butter, I’m sick of bagels and cream cheese, and I’m sick of sugared cereals all the way to healthy cereals that tastes like sandpaper. I’m sick of all of it…

 Except for…The Breakfast Of Champions! Read the rest of this entry »

By Heather Blanchette 


<font face=”Times New
WE MOVED TO THE NEW TASTYMADNESS.COMRoman”>Sophomore year of college I had what can only be described as an unhealthy addiction to rice crispy treats. Every night I would leave my dorm room and trek down the street to the nearest dining hall to buy an overpriced, brick sized rice crispy block; only to have finished the entire thing before I even got back to my room. Seriously, the amount of rice crispy blocks I ate that year could probably have paved half of Boston.

After moving further up campus Junior year, the craving continued. Since the dining hall was further, and I am lazy, I decided to try my hand at making my own rice crispy treats. Rather than walk five minutes down the road to Shaws, I decided to buy cereal from the small convenience store right downstairs. They did not carry Kellogs Rice Krispies cereal though, which seemed like a disappointment at the time.

 Rice Krispies Cereal Rice Krispies Treat

I perused the display of cereal for what seemed like hours, especially since the cereal “wall” consisted of only six different cereals, two of which were healthy, so those were out, obviously. I was left to make a decision between Fruit Loops, Apple Jacks, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Frosted Cheerios. For fear of making the sales associates suspicious by standing there any longer, I grabbed all four boxes, emptied the shelf of marshmallows, and bought two packs of butter.

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By Heather Blanchette


When it’s cold outside, nobody wants to take the time to travel in the morning to their local coffee shop to buy a dozen doughnuts, yet the craving doesn’t go away! That’s why I found an easy home-made doughnut recipe! With a pack of Pillsbury grand dinner rolls, sugar, cinnamon and oil, you can make a batch of doughnuts that rivals any large coffee chain’s assortment. Read the rest of this entry »