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Hear The Rainbow, Be The Rainbow!

Posted on: March 2, 2008

By Jordan Thompson
So what is it about the little bite size sugar infused goodness that is a Skittle?  Well the biggest thing I can say about this little piece of heaven is that there is a Skittle for every kind person.  You have the Original Skittles which are for your average sugar addict, which screams “Hey I like flavor just as much as the next guy or girl, but I’m happy just being original!”  Then you have your Sour Skittles that are so good that they make your tongue go numb and feel like sandpaper.

Yes we have all been there before and if you love Sour Patch kids you know this feeling.   Sour Skittles are not for the weak of heart or timid minded that can’t finish what they start.  You have to have a strong will and a drive to succeed!  From the first taste your senses come alive and drive you into a frenzy of emotions.  (WARNING this could make you get into a fight with your significant other because you keep making strange faces.)  Cheesy I know, but please bare with me!

Besides the Original Skittles and Sour Skittles we have a list skittles that you may have heard of or haven’t heard of yet.   Pick your Flavor!
The following is provided by Wikipedia:  Feel free to click the links provided to learn more!

Original Fruit Skittles (Red Package)

The flavors are:

In the South Korean, Taiwanese, and Australian versions of Original Fruit Skittles, Apple (green) replaces Lime, and inside the United States and Canada Purple is flavoured grape.

Tropical Skittles (Light blue Package)

In 1989, Tropical Skittles were introduced. Tropical is a exotic tropical flavors, with more than one flavor typically combined into one skittle. The product is sold in either light blue bags or boxes.

The flavors are:

Wild Berry Skittles (Purple Package)

In 1990,[1] Wild Berry Skittles were introduced. Wild Berry is a mix of exotic berry flavoring and the product is sold in either purple bags or boxes.

The flavours are:

Sour Skittles (Green Package)

In 2000, Sour Skittles were introduced. These types of Skittles are coated with very sour citric acid crystals, and the product is sold in either bright green bags or boxes.

The flavors are:

There used to be a sour Green Apple flavour, but it has been replaced by sour Blue Raspberry.

As part of the Shrek The Third promotion, a pink Wizard Watermelon, replacing Grape, and a green Apple-y Ever After skittle was added to the variety of Sour Skittles.

Smoothie Mix Skittles (Peach Package)

In 2005, Smoothie Mix Skittles were introduced. The name comes from a smoothie, which is a fruit mix drink, and the product is sold in either orange bags or boxes.

The flavors are:

Ice Cream Skittles (Cream/Off-White Package)

In March 2006 Skittles released a ‘Limited Edition’ Ice Cream Skittles variety. This also went along with their “Chillin’ for a Million” campaign. By late 2006 they were very difficult to find. They have been discontinued.

The flavors are:

Carnival Skittles (Yellow Package)

In October 2006 Limited Edition Carnival Skittles (also known as Unlimited Skittles) began circulating. It is unknown when the first production of this variety began. References to this variety have also been difficult to obtain. In 2007, flavours of Carnival Skittles were made available in regular packs of Skittles (Green Slushy in Original Fruit packs, Candy Apple in Wild Berry packs, Cotton Candy in Smoothie Mix packs, and Bubble Gum in Tropical packs) to help coincide with the Text Thru Time promotion.

The flavors are:

In 2007 these Skittles were re-released as ‘Skittles Unlimited’ for a limited time in Canada and are sold in black packages.

This variety of Skittles contains very sweet and accurate flavors causing some to liken them to Jelly Belly flavors.

In June 2007 Carnival Skittles became available in Australia, known as Showtime flavors.

The flavors are:

  • Popcorn (light yellow)
  • Jam Donut (brown red)
  • Toffee Apple (green)
  • Fairy Floss (pink)
  • Bubblegum (baby blue)

Double Sour Skittles (Green Package)

In 2007, Double Sour were introduced. These types of Skittles are, as the name suggests, coated with a double portion of very sour citric acid crystals. Like Sour Skittles, the product is sold in either bright green bags or boxes.

The flavors are:

It is not clear whether Double Sour Skittles will be available only on a limited time basis.

Xtreme Fruit Skittles (Black Package)

Xtreme Fruit Skittles were introduced in 2007, and have the same flavours as Xtreme Fruit Skittles Bubble Gum. Xtreme Fruit is a mix of exotic extreme fruit flavouring, and the product will be sold in either black bags or boxes.

The flavors are:

Mint Skittles (Blue Package)

Mint Skittles were made in 2000. They came in spearmint and wintergreen. Unlike ordinary Skittles, they came in plastic containers instead of bags. They are hard to find, as they have been discontinued.

Skittles Mints (Green Package)

Skittles Mints (different from Mint Skittles) are a variety of mint flavoured Skittles sold for a time in Europe. They were sold not in the usual bag nor in the plastic containers, but in a 55g box, deep turquoise in colour. Skittles Mints were released in 2001.

The flavors were:

  • Cool Mint (blue)
  • Peppermint (white)
  • Toffee Mint (green-brown)
  • Spearmint (dark green)
  • Sweet Mint (Pale green)

Chocolate (Brown Package)

Chocolate Skittles were released in 1998. They have now discontinued as of 2001. They were sold in 55g bags just like M&M’s.

The flavors were:

Chocolate Mix Skittles (Brown Package)

Skittles “Chocolate Mix” was announced at the All Candy Expo 2007. The product is sold in either brown bags or boxes.

The Flavors Are

Liquorice Skittles (Black Package)

Liquorice Skittles were made in 1982. They are hard to find because they have been discontinued. They were sold in Europe in 55g boxes rather than the usual bag.

The flavors were:

  • Black Liquorice (black)
  • Liquorice Aniseed (green)
  • Liquorice Spice (red)
  • Liquorice Vanilla (orange)
  • Liquorice Mint (white)

Fresh Mint Skittles (Dark Green Package)

Fresh Mint Skittles was the very first type of different Skittles made. They were released in 1977 and production ended in 2005.

Skittles Bubble Gum (Black Package)and other products

In 2004, Original Fruit Skittles bubble gum was introduced. Later that year, Skittles introduced a product made in partnership with Lip Smackers, Skittles-flavored lip gloss. Mint Skittles, which came in two mixes (Peppermint and Spearmint mixes) were also made. In 2005, Xtreme Fruit Skittles bubble gum was introduced.

1 Response to "Hear The Rainbow, Be The Rainbow!"

Exotic Skittles (dark gray package)
The flavors are:
Strawberry Cinnamon (red- orange)
Papaya (light yellow)
Mango (dark orange)
Palm (bright green)
Passionfruit (light blue)
In Australia, these are available, too.
The flavors are:
Raspberry Mango (red- orange)
Pineapple (light yellow)
Starfruit (dark orange)
Palm (bright green)
Blueberry Cinnamon (light blue)
The very first type of Skittles made were Mizelena’s Skittlea:
The flavors are:
Black Cherry (white)
Blueberry (dark blue)
Cinnamon (brown)
Durian (dark green)
Eggplant (dark purple)
For the promotion for the movie Insects of the Upland, a new flavor was added (Roachberry Mint, which is black)

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