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Ice Cream 

By Heather Blanchette
While eating my blackened toast this morning, I realized I hated breakfast. This realization made my stomach feel like I had eaten an entire quarry, and no that’s not just because my toast was hard as a rock.

I’m sick of breakfast; I’m sick of toast and butter, I’m sick of bagels and cream cheese, and I’m sick of sugared cereals all the way to healthy cereals that tastes like sandpaper. I’m sick of all of it…

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By Heather Blanchette



I have always been a Spagettio’s girl, and although my brother used to eat cans upon cans of Chef Boyardee like it was nobody’s business, it has only been recently that I have realized the full variety of the Chef Boyardee brand. Aside from their multitude of canned concoctions, the company offers boxed “Kits,” including Spaghetti and Meatballs Kit, Lasagna Kit and Pizza Kit.

Chef Boyardee Pizza Kit

 Chef Boyardee Pizza

So Far I have only tried the Pizza Kit. It is amazing. It makes you feel like you are actually cooking, when really you just had to mix their dough with water and spread it around a pan, pour on their sauce, and sprinkle their cheese. Fifteen minutes later, presto, you look like you just made a home-made pizza, and it tastes really great too!

On a side note, as much criticism as Chef Boyardee takes for claiming to taste exactly like pasta from Italy, I am sorry to tell all of you non-believers, but it really does!